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Sponsoring fee by issue is 100€ before taxes.

Number of issues

After having paid above, you need to provide a banner and a sentence introducing your company or your product.

A 4-week minimal period is recommended to increase the efficiency of presenting you ad to our audience.

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Your needs as a company

As a company you need visibility to a tech-savvy audience, especially members of the Free and Open Source Software community (developers, system administoators, devops) for your company or one of your product.

What is our newsletter

The "Le Courrier du hacker" newsletter is the leading French-speaking weekly digest of the French-speaking Free and Open Source Community news. The newsletter offres each week 20 links to curated, tech content.

Our audience

Our audience is mostly composed by tech professionals (developers, system administators, devops) with a strong interest in the Open Source and the Free Software community.

What sponsoring our newsletter will offer to your company

Your company or your product will be seen by a large amount of tech-savvy people, often tech professionals, specialized in the Free and Open Source Software community.

How your placement appears

The newsletter contains a "sponsor" section, immediately after the "Best links" section, the most-read section. You will have to provide a banner (image in the png format, height of 92px, width of 240px) and a text introducing your company or your product. See the example below.

Expected results

The newsletter is sent every weeks to thousands of subscribers. It is also announced on the social networks (Twitter and Mastodon). A large number of people also exclusively browse the newsletter through internet (2000 unique visitors the last 30 days.).

The complete audience (email and web) will see your banner and your text. A public mention of the sponsoring is also announced on the social networks.

Some sponsors reported to us they got new customers following their sponsorship. A recruitment company searching to hire tech profiles got several tech profiles through the sponsorship and at least one of them converted to a definitive hiring.

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